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Cool Blue Cosmic Gem - Curly Smith
Cool Blue Cosmic Gem

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Produced, engineered and mixed by Curly Smith 
for Cool Blue Productions 
at Studio Deluxe Recording, 
Sedona, Arizona.



Skip Reichert

Coming from a family of musicians, my entire life has been centered around music.  Throughout my childhood and well into my adulthood, I have learned to sing and play instruments as complex as the piano; electric and acoustic guitars; four, five and six string banjos; mandolin; violin; harmonica; accordion; auto harp; ukulele; jaw harp and bass; not to mention, spoons, jugs, the saw and the washboard.  I have worked as a musician and entertainer for nearly thirty years, and about two years ago I considered retiring from the business and exploring new horizons.  I hadn't written or recorded any songs for years and, if anything, I felt as if it was just going through the motions to pay the bills and raise my daughter with music as my sole source of income.  "Play there, sing that," so they say.  And then, the unexpected happened.

In January 1998, I had just finished my shift at a local Scottsdale, Arizona hang-out known as Greasewood Flat.  On that day, I happened to make the acquaintance of Curly Smith, a drummer touring with the infamous rock band we all know as Boston.  Curly bought me a beer and talked to me about the music business while I listened in amazement to this guy who was touring with a band I have gladly called an icon.  A few months passed, and Curly popped in to Greasewood Flat once again on a Sunday evening.  We discussed the possibility of writing songs together, although we both admitted we needed a push to get started.  We agreed that we could motivate each other.  He said I needed to release  a CD.  I said I didn't have the necessary resources.  He invited me to cut the album at his personal recording studio.  Momma didn't raise no fool, right?  The rest is history.


SKIP REICHERT: Lead & Harmony Vocals, Acoustic & Lead Guitar, Bass, 5-String Banjo, Mandolin, Slide Guitar on "I'll Be Gone" and Spoons on "Dot. Com World"
Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Harmonica and Slide Guitar on "Livin On A Dream"

Additional Musicians:
Dobro Slide Guitar on "Long Afternoons"
Harmonica on "Long Afternoons"

Digitally Mastered as SAE Mastering, Phoenix, AZ by MATT MERMON
CURLY SMITH plays Ludwig Drums and Sabien Cymbals exclusively.
Cover Photograph of Skip Reichert 
by JoAnn-Marie Flood
Photography and collage on back folder 
by Shery Christopher


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